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gasi_logo GASI - Grupo de Automação e Sistemas Integráveis
Grupo de Automação e Sistemas Integráveis
    The Group of Automation and Integrated Systems (GASI) was founded in 2004 and is set up by Professors from the two engineering courses of Experimental Campus of Sorocaba as well as some international and outside partners. It's major goals are the development of individuals skills in their fields and the pursuit of the interaction between university and public/private productive sectors in order to bring to community the knowledge which has been developed by academic area (techniques, methodologies, products etc).
The main research areas of GASI are:

- Building Automation
- Conditioning and analisys of electrical energy
- Process automation
- Instrumentation
- Image processing
- Digital control processing
- Electronic processing of energy
- Mobile robotics and intelligent robotics
- Remote sensing
- Solid mechanics simulation
- Renewable energy systems

    The activities of GASI have been evidenced through their publications and involvement of its researchers on several technical committees, deliberative and executive boards of national and international societies, events and magazines. Moreover, the group interaction with society has shown impressive results in terms of fundraising and projects, including projects with FAPESP, CNPq, Fundunesp, PROEX-UNESP, Companhia Paulista de For?a e Luz (CPFL), Companhia Brasileira de Alum?nio (CBA), Watershed Committees, Real Bank, among others. 

   Through the teachers linked to the group, Gasi currently have around 50 supervised students (of extension, basic scientific research, work completion of course), plus some supervised and co-supervised masters and doctoral, defined through collaborations with other campuses UNESP, USP and Unicamp. In addition, through extension projects and events, especially those related to the area of mobile robotics, hundreds of students and teachers in public elementary and secondary workshops have been through the construction of inexpensive robots with the GASI.

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